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In 1990, Harry Lydiksen, a recognized technology innovator, directed his creative efforts toward ways to provide substance to the widely accepted and fast growing Internet. At that time, Lydiksen recognized the Internet to be a rapidly expanding information distribution vehicle, which attracts vast amounts of subject material. It was obvious that there was a significant opportunity for business to harness this huge reservoir of information and apply new technology that focuses on the "effective use of knowledge".

Lydiksen recognized that this could be accomplished by using techniques and newly developed tools that can turn incoherent information into readily usable and interactive sources of knowledge. In an effort to focus the process, he selected the healthcare industry because of its inherent potential. No other industry is more dependent on the exchange and interaction of critical knowledge.

Health care is the fastest evolving industry in the global spotlight. Its actions impact every sector of the population. Increased emphasis is being directed toward patient awareness in the form of the "Knowledgeable Patient Initiative". This effort is intended to empower the patient to become an integral part of his/her own medical decision process and is being driven by government and every private sector of the healthcare industry. The objective of this movement is to shift the financial risk and responsibility away from the payor in order to spread the cost burden to the patient and health care providers. The "effective use of knowledge" is at the center of these issues and the key ingredient in achieving this goal.

e*health has assembled seasoned technology experts and healthcare specialty professionals. Independent technology contractors and consultants from across the U.S. are working as a telecommuting network to assist in the culmination of this unique Internet healthcare technology product. Most of the participants have between ten to twenty years' of experience in their various fields of expertise.

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