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e*health Networks has assembled a well-seasoned management team with strong backgrounds in research, development, administration and marketing. Our team members and associates have a clear understanding of the many facets of the healthcare, insurance and financial industries, and have key contacts in these rapidly expanding markets:

  • Harry W. Lydiksen, President/CEO
  • George L. McAlister, COO
  • Paul W. Kittle, MSLS, AHIP, Product Development
  • Michael Reed, Business Planning
  • Michael P. Guerena, M.D., Medical Advisor
  • Margie Lydiksen, RN, Patient Education
  • Charlie Perry, Industry Advisor
  • Brian Fitzgerald, Industry Advisor
  • Lowell Daun, D.D.S., Medical Advisor

e*health’s ADVISORY BOARD:

Our advisory board of industry experts assures that we have the most up-to-date and accurate information pertaining to a wide range of issues and topics. Board members also play a major role in the formulation of our products and services. We partner with practicing professionals from both industry and academia to obtain the highest level of competence and expertise to meet the demanding, ever-changing needs of our clients and business partners.