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We build online Knowledge Centers. Partnering with leading subject authorities, as well as experts in cognitive and adult learning theory, e*health networks has researched, developed and is now producing dynamic, interactive portals that help healthcare organizations comply with prevailing and anticipated standards and requirements.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of an efficient, productive operation. Whether you’re conveying an important policy or procedure or applying across-the-board education and training; consistency in the process, no matter what the purpose or industry, saves time, dollars and most importantly, reduces risk. In the healthcare industry reducing risk not only lowers morbidity & mortality and minimizes financial exposure but ultimately, improves delivery of services. Critical areas such as security, privacy, the “Common Rule”, fraud and abuse (Stark), Medicare and Medicaid coding, HIPAA and patient safety are just a few of the countless areas where you can benefit using our dynamic, innovative methodology.

We can do something about those time constraints and last minute pressures. A recent survey (see graphic below) identified the top five challenges facing today’s health care executives.

We can help you to address these issues or any others that are important to you.
For example, a large group health insurance company is using our learning management system and our HIPAA pre-planning series to help its management and staff to understand HIPAA’s general requirements and mandates. Another one of our clients, a large dental plan, is also using our unique methodology to guarantee accuracy and consistency in call-handling procedures. Our Knowledge Center approach serves as a perfect foundation on which to build a communication platform for all future education and training requirements.

Our presentations are reusable and always available: Vital information, customized to meet your ever-changing needs, is conveniently delivered to your employees through visually interesting, interactive presentations, available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, over any speed connection. No more classrooms, paper training manuals or static slide shows.

A communication method that’s interesting and easy to digest: Each module is constructed as a highly interactive and navigable unit lasting between 6 and 10 minutes. You can view our dynamic, interactive modules as stand-alone presentations, or link them for more intuitive, branched learning. As your training curricula changes our platform allows for quick updates so you can always be confident that your education and training program will be timely, authoritative and on target.

Integration with Existing Systems: We can easily integrate our programs into your existing systems. We’ve designed our browser-friendly solutions to quickly stream over the Internet, run seamlessly through your wide-area network, or function flawlessly within an already established learning management system. This reduces the time, effort and expense often required to introduce training into an existing IT infrastructure.

Management tools available: Our LearnerWeb™ learning management system is an optional toolkit available to help your managers and supervisors to closely monitor both sides of the communication process. Management tools can test, monitor, track, report, certify and audit.

Easy to modify: The entire user-friendly environment can be easily modified to reflect the unique culture of your organization or to address your specific organizational communication requirements.

Utilize your existing materials: This includes “one click” electronic access to your in-house manuals, handbooks, and newsletters; the ability to submit comments or inquiries electronically; group chat capabilities; and an easy way to measure user understanding or provide concept reinforcement through interactive quizzes.

Select e*health Networks as your partner to:

  • Meet your unique needs - programs that support your organization's requirements and objectives
  • Control costs - deliver organizational training and education in a cost-effective and efficient manner
  • Increase productivity - gain consistency in training throughout your organization

We’ve demonstrated that we can help you to:

  • Develop knowledgeable employees who have a high standard of accuracy.
  • Improve your operational efficiency
  • Reduce managerial or supervisory involvement
  • Limit your legal liability
  • Build customer satisfaction
  • Offer better support to your employees
  • Develop measurable goals to support career paths
  • Create useful tools to convey training refinements and process changes.