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We research, design and build education and training systems for the healthcare industry. We know our tested, innovative approach can help you to educate your employees on any subject area or content that is important to you. These may include legislative compliance with HIPAA initiatives, medical errors, infection control, and safety requirements, to name a few.

Vital information is conveniently delivered to your employees through visually interesting, interactive presentations, available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, over any speed connection and through a variety of multimedia formats. We partner with experts to develop quality material that reflects current, industry-accepted best practices and standards customized to meet the special needs of your organization. We also follow tested instructional design principles so that information is presented in a logical, consistent, and interesting manner that achieves measurable results.

We can also give your managers and supervisors an optional toolset to help ensure that required training is delivered and used, and that questions that arise can be answered. Tools include management reporting (e.g. test, monitor, track, certify, audit), access to supplemental information (e.g. authoritative references, white papers, case studies), and access to expertise (e.g. questions and answers, frequently asked questions, discussion groups).

The entire environment including the multimedia training and education, management reporting, access to supplemental information, access to expertise, and the user interface can be easily modified to reflect the unique culture of your organization, address specific organizational training requirements, or link to your own in-house policies and procedures.

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