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Our scalable, 100% browser-based LearnerWeb™ Management Software will help your line managers to easily and effectively monitor all education and training efforts across your organization. Expert tracking functions combined with a user-friendly interface give you the ability to add and assign courses to specific individuals, groups or job classifications. You can also review progress, test for understanding or reinforce concepts, and generally audit an individual's participation in and mastery of each education or training program. Cost of the management system will depend upon the number of active users and the number of installations.

To view an active demonstration of LearnerWeb you’ll need your own Associate ID and password. Please click here to register.

Your Knowledge Center can be conveniently accessed on the Internet or through your local, wide-area network. It is a cost-effective learning management system that can supervise the training efforts of thousands of employees. After logging in to the Knowledge Center, employees can view documents, memos or presentations that have been assigned by their supervisors, see a history of partially reviewed or completed assignments, or view the entire library of available education and training programs. From the managerial side, the learning portal has been designed to track all employees' learning activity. This includes detailed reports on which programs have been viewed, the length of time spent in each learning session, testing results, and many other relevant statistics.

LearnerWeb™ has been designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible, and even those with minimal browser skills will find it extremely friendly and easy to use. Managers will find very effective tools with which to track education and training progress.

Because statistics are enabled by a unique user ID and password at logon, all activity of an individual user within the Knowledge Center is tracked. Detailed summaries in a wide range of categories are then available so that supervisors and managers can report training activity. This is particularly important for compliance issues.

Our learning management system has been designed for rapid customization and "branding" to reflect the color scheme, vocabulary and data management requirements of your organization. All tabs, views and forms can be changed to reflect the information you want to display with no programming requirements. Additional tabs can also be added to integrate LearnerWeb with other applications.

LearnerWeb is a trademark of MaxIT Corporation, our outsource partner.

System Requirements:

  • Web Server: Any NT/Novell/PC based web server (IIS, WebSphere, Novell, PWS... (Unix support coming in Q2 or sooner based on customer demand))
  • Supported Databases: SQL Server / MS-Access / Oracle (MySQL on release of Unix support)
  • Browser: IE4 / Netscape 4 or higher

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